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The Taylorcraft as a Bushplane

I’ve liked Taylorcrafts since I first saw Darren Adam flying his on Wings Over Canada.

The Taylorcraft I’m talking about is the immediate post-War T-crates. Taylorcrafts are a small plane, similar to a Cub, but with tandem seating. They usually are without electrics, although some have wind powered generators. They are a rag and tube airplane. They can be set up on floats, skis or on big fat tires.

taylorcraft on floats

taylorcraft on skis
taylorcraft with tundra tires

They originally came with 65 hp motors, which were then changed to 85 hp. They are side by side planes, and are noted for their low drag – they cruise faster than a Piper Cub with the same powerplant.

They lack electrics, which has led to after market generators. Here’s a picture of the set up on Darren Adam’s Taylorcraft:
Taylorcraft bc-12 generator

Taylorcrafts were the brainchild of Charles Taylor, an Englishman who was involved with Piper before the war. He had a falling out with Piper and went on his own. Like many small plane designers, the Second World War gave him the opportunity to produce a lot of planes and develop new and improved designs. The BC-12 was the result.

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