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PSTAR Online Quiz – Section 3 – Communications

1) When making initial contact with a Canadian ATC unit, the pilot of aircraft C-GFLU should transmit the registration as

2) When making initial contact with a Canadian ATC unit, the pilot of aircraft C-FBSQ should transmit the registration as

3) After a Canadian privately registered aircraft has made initial contact with an ATS unit, which items may be omitted from subsequent transmissions? The aircraft type and

4) On initial radio contact with an ATS unit the pilot shall transmit the

5) ATIS is normally provided

6) Where ATIS is available the information which should be included on first contact with ATC is the

7) Whenever practicable, pilots operating VFR en route in uncontrolled airspace should continuously monitor

8) En route aircraft should, whenever possible, maintain a listening watch for aircraft in distress on

9) The specific frequency, distance and altitude within which MF procedures are to be followed are given in the

10) Pilots broadcasting on a MF where no ground station is in operation should direct their transmission to the

11) Pilots operating in VMC and intending to land at aerodromes where no UNICOM exists, should broadcast their intentions on the ATF of

12) If a MF is in use, pilots departing VFR shall monitor that frequency until

13) A pilot is cleared to taxi to the runway in use without a hold short clearance. To get there, the aircraft must cross two taxiways and one runway. This authorizes the pilot to taxi to

14) Ground control authorizes “GOLF ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE TAXI RUNWAY 29 HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 04”. The pilot should acknowledge this by replying “GOLF ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE TO

15) When a clearance for an “immediate take-off” is accepted, the pilot shall

16) A pilot flying a heading of 270°, receives the following message from ATC, “Traffic 2 o’clock, 5 miles, eastbound”. This information indicates the traffic is

17) A pilot receives the following ATC clearance “CLEARED TO LAND, TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST INTERSECTION”. The pilot should

18) The radiotelephone distress signal to indicate grave and/or imminent danger requiring immediate assistance is

19) The radiotelephone urgency signal to indicate a condition concerning the safety of an aircraft, vehicle or of some person on board which does not require immediate assistance is

20) What should be included along with the call sign of the aircraft and time, to indicate cancellation of a distress message?

21) A departing flight will normally remain on tower frequency until

22) You advise ATC that you are on the downwind leg. If there is other traffic in the circuit, ATC will then

23) A radio equipped aircraft has been cleared to land at a controlled airport. The pilot should acknowledge the clearance by

24) An initial call to Timmins FSS should be “Timmins

25) A responsibility of a flight service specialist is to provide

26) NOTAMs are

27) A new or replacing NOTAM without the term “APRX” is valid

28) The term “APRX” when contained in a new or replacing NOTAM means the NOTAM is valid

29) Your radio transmissions are reported READABILITY THREE. This means that your transmissions are

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