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PSTAR Online Quiz -Section 9 – Flight Plans & Itineraries

1) The amount of fuel and oil carried on board any helicopter at the commencement of a day VFR flight must be sufficient, to provide for foreseeable delays having been considered, to fly to the destination aerodrome,

2) The amount of fuel carried on board any propeller-driven aeroplane at the commencement of a day VFR flight must be sufficient, having regard to the meteorological conditions and foreseeable delays that are expected in flight, to fly to the destination aerodrome

3) If a flight plan is not filed, a flight itinerary must be filed

4) After landing from a VFR flight for which a flight plan has been filed, the pilot shall report the arrival to the appropriate ATS unit within

5) When there is a deviation from a VFR flight plan, ATC shall be notified of such deviation

6) Where no search and rescue initiation time is specified in a flight itinerary, when shall the pilot report to the “responsible person”"?

7) With regard to a flight itinerary, the "responsible person" means someone who

8) Where a VFR flight plan has been filed, an arrival report must be filed by the pilot

9) Estimated elapsed time A to B 1 hour 15 minutes. Estimated stopover time at 30 minutes. Estimated elapsed time B to C 1 hour 20 minutes. Using the above information, what time should be entered in the "Elapsed Time" box of a VFR flight plan?

10) When filing a VFR flight plan with an intermediate stop, the total elapsed time to be entered is the total

11) How is an intermediate stop indicated on the flight plan form for a VFR flight?

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