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PSTAR Online Quiz -Section 7 – Wake Turbulence

1) Avoiding wake turbulence is

2) Hazardous wake turbulence caused by aircraft in still air

3) Which response is most correct with respect to wake turbulence?

4) The wing tip vortices generated by a heavy aeroplane can cause a lighter aircraft encountering them to

5) During the two minutes after the passage of a heavy aeroplane in cruising flight, hazardous wing tip vortices will

6) The pilot of a light aircraft on final approach close behind a heavier aircraft should plan the approach to land

7) To avoid wake turbulence when taking off behind a large aircraft, the pilot should

8) Wake turbulence is produced by

9) Wake turbulence caused by a departing large aeroplane begins

10) Wake turbulence caused by a departing aeroplane is most severe immediately

11) Which statement concerning wing tip vortices is false?

12) Wake turbulence will be greatest when generated by an aeroplane which is

13) A helicopter in forward flight produces hazardous vortices

14 Which statement concerning vortices caused by helicopters is correct?

15) What effect would a light cross-wind have on the wing tip vortices generated by a large aeroplane that had just taken off? A light cross-wind

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