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PSTAR Online Quiz -Section 12 – Regulations – General Airspace

1) ADIZ rules normally apply

2) When operating in accordance with VFR, aircraft shall be flown

3) Normally, a helicopter in uncontrolled airspace at less than 1,000 feet AGL may operate during the day in flight visibility which is not less than

4) What distance from cloud shall an aircraft maintain when flying below 1,000 feet AGL within uncontrolled airspace?

5) No person shall drop anything from an aircraft in flight

6) A person may conduct aerobatic manoeuvres in an aircraft

7) CARs state that after the consumption of any alcoholic beverage, no person shall act as a crew member of an aircraft within

8) “Day” in Canada is that period of time between

9) “Night” in Canada is that period of time between

10) Formation flying is permitted only if such flights

11) Flight through active Class F airspace with the designator CYR

12) Which statement is correct with regard to “advisory airspace”?

13) Except as provided by CARs, unless taking off, landing or attempting to land, no person shall fly a helicopter over a built-up area or open air assembly of persons except at an altitude that will permit, in the event of an emergency, the landing of the aircraft without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface, and such altitude shall not be less than ..... above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of ..... from the aircraft.

14) Over non-populous areas or over open water, a pilot may not fly an aircraft at a distance less than ..... feet from any person, vessel, vehicle or structure.

15) Except for balloons and as provided by CARs, no person shall cause any aircraft to take off or attempt to take off from, land on or attempt to land on, any surface within the built-up area of any city or town unless

16) What is the height AGL above which an aircraft in VFR flight shall be operated to conform with the Cruising Altitudes Order?

17) An aircraft cruising VFR in level flight above 3,000 feet AGL on a track of 290°M shall be flown at an

18) The selection of a cruising altitude in the Southern Domestic Airspace should be based on the

19) Every person who is the holder of any pilot licence or permit shall, on demand, produce such licence or permit for inspection by persons authorized by the Minister, by peace officers and

20) Low Level Airspace is defined as, all airspace

21) A Control Zone normally is controlled airspace extending upwards from

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