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PSTAR Online Quiz -Section 5 – Equipment

1) Except for ultra-light aeroplanes and balloons, which documents shall be carried on board when flying a radio equipped Canadian privately registered aircraft? Items A, B and A) Certificate of Airworthiness or Flight Permit. B) Certificate of Registration. C) Technical log. D) Crew licences. E) Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate. F) Type certificate. G) Aircraft journey log book, unless otherwise authorized by the Minister. H) Proof of liability insurance.

2) Taking into account seasonal climatic variations and geographical area, private aeroplanes and helicopters flying VFR 25 NM or more from an aerodrome or operating base may require

3) A serviceable landing light is required equipment on aircraft

4) Unless oxygen and oxygen masks as specified in CARs are readily available, no person shall fly unpressurized aircraft above

5) No person shall fly an aircraft for more than . . . . . at an altitude between 10,000 and 13,000 feet ASL unless there is readily available to each flight crew member, an oxygen mask and a supply of oxygen.

6) What safety equipment must be available to each person on board a single-engine aircraft which is taking off from or landing on water?

7) The International VHF Emergency Frequency is

8) No pilot shall take off from or land at an aerodrome at night unless the

9 The CARs define an infant passenger as a person

10 When the PIC directs that safety belts be fastened, an infant passenger for which no child restraint system is provided shall be

11 Which flight instrument systems and equipment are required on power driven aircraft for day VFR flight in controlled airspace? A magnetic direction indicating system or magnetic compass and A) an airspeed indicator. B) an attitude indicator. C) a sensitive altimeter. D) a vertical speed indicator. E) a turn and bank indicator. F) a time piece. G) a heading indicator.

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