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PSTAR Online Quiz – Section 4 – Aerodromes

1) An airport is

2) A dry Transport Canada standard wind direction indicator when horizontal indicates a wind speed of at least

3) No person shall operate any vehicle on any part of an uncontrolled airport used for the movement of aircraft, except in accordance with permission from

4) Runways and taxiways or portions thereof that are closed to aircraft are marked by

5) The west end of a runway oriented east and west is numbered

6) Refer to the Diagram: At controlled airports, the taxiway holding position markings in diagrams A and B indicate that aircraft shall stop Diagram 1

7) Where taxiway holding positions have not been established, aircraft waiting to enter an active runway should normally hold

8) The manoeuvring area of an airport is that area

9) Except for the purpose of taking off or landing, an aircraft shall not be flown over an aerodrome at a height of less than

10) Refer to the Appendix: HELIPORT MARKINGS (Diagram #1) Diagram #1 Select the helicopter ground markings which identify respectively: a hospital heliport, a heliport.

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