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PSTAR Online Quiz-Section 11-Aircraft Operations

1) In an emergency requiring the use of an ELT, it should be turned on

2) An aircraft’s ELT may be switched to transmit for test purposes anytime

3) Before shutting down you can verify that the aircraft’s ELT is not transmitting by

4) All accidental ELT activations should be reported to the

5) When an aircraft engine is left running on the ground and no person remains onboard, the aircraft’s movement must be restricted and

6) When confronted with an approaching thunderstorm, a take-off or landing

7) An isolated thunderstorm is in close proximity to your aerodrome of intended landing. You should

8) The take-off thrust blast danger area includes at least that area extending back from the tail of a medium size jet transport aeroplane for

9) The ground idle blast danger area extends back from the tail of a jumbo jet aeroplane for at least

10) The ground idle blast danger area extends back from the tail of a medium size jet aeroplane for at least

11) The ground idle blast danger area extends back from the tail of an executive jet aeroplane for

12) A 45 kt blast area can be expected ..... behind the propellers of a large turbo-prop aeroplane during taxi.

13) At the request of the pilot, VHF direction finding stations normally provide a homing service

14) VDF steers are intended to provide directional assistance to VFR flights

15) You are uncertain of your position and have requested a VDF steer to an airport. You should be aware that .

16) ATC advises that simultaneous operations are in progress at an airport. Pilots could expect a clearance to

17) When issued a clearance to land and hold short of an intersecting runway, pilots

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