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Online PSTAR Prep

One of the first hurdles you need to pass on the way to a private pilot licence in Canada is the PSTAR. If you pass the PSTAR, get a medical and get the Radio Operator’s Licence you get the Student Pilot Permit. Once you have that, you can solo (assuming you can actually fly and land the plane).

I put this PSTAR prep together for two reasons:

1) to provide new pilots a simple online resource, and;
2) force myself to master all the questions.

These questions come from Transport Canada – copyright is held by Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Transport, 2000, but permission is granted to copy and/or reproduce them in whole or in part provided that full acknowledgement is given to the Department of Transport, Canada, and that the information be accurately reproduced.

In addition to the questions provided by Transport Canada I’ve added explanations that make sense to me. Questions are their’s, explanations are mine.

I’ve arranged the pages to correspond with the layout that Transport Canada uses. The answers to the questions come after each section, along with your score and the explanations.

You can do the whole series sequentially, or just concentrate on the ones you’re having trouble with. This quiz is not a replacement for doing the homework – you can memorize all the answers and pass the PSTAR with a 100% mark, but you won’t really understand the material and you’ll forget it. You should use these quizzes like virtual flashcards to compliment your studies and help you nail the test.

Have fun!

Section 1 – Collision Avoidance
Section 2 – Visual Signals
Section 3 – Communications
Section 4 – Aerodromes
Section 5 – Equipment
Section 6 – Pilot Responsibilities
Section 7 – Wake Turbulence
Section 8 – Aeromedical
Section 9 – Flight plans and Itineraries
Section 10 – Clearances and Instructions
Section 11 – Aircraft Operations
Section 12 – General Airspace
Section 13 – Controlled Airspace
Section 14 – Aviation Occurrences

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