International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) Quiz

The International Standard Atmosphere pop quiz:

The ISA temperature at sea level is:

The ISA environmental lapse rate is

The ISA sea level pressure is:

How many inches of mercury does ISA atmospheric pressure drop per 1,000'?

How high is the ISA troposphere?

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The International Standard Atmosphere, which is also known as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Standard Atmosphere, is a theoretical standard that you can use in order to compare the actual atmosphere occurring at any given place or time. time.

The ISA sets up standard values of pressure and temperature occurring at the mean sea level. Each of these values decreases as height increases, and does so at a standardized rate.

Pressure is 1013.2 millibar, 1013 kPa, 101.3 hPa, 29.92 inches mercury, or 14.69 psi.

Pressure decreases at 1 inch of mercury per 1,000′, or about 1 millibar per 30 feet, up to about 5,000 feet.

Standard ISA temperature at mean sea level is +15 °C. As altitude increases the standard temperature drops at a rate of 2 degrees per 1,000 until it reaches the tropopause. The tropopause occurs (under the standard definition) at 36,090′ ASL. After reaching the tropopause temperature is assumed to be -57 °C and remain there as a constant.

The real atmosphere varies from the ISA because of the workings of heating, cooling, and other weather and climate events.
International Standard Atmosphere

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