Aircraft Classifications, Class and Type Ratings, and Maintaining your Private Pilot License Pop Quiz

Aircraft are organized by:

Ultra-light, aeroplane, gliders, balloons, gyro-plane, helicopters are:

Seaplane, land plane, centerline thrust, multi-engine and single engine are examples of:

Your private pilot license allows you to fly:

If you hold a one crew member land plane rating and want to get a one crew member seaplane rating you require:

If you hold a rating for a one crew member seaplane and want to get one for a one crew member land plane you require:

Blanket ratings can cover all aeroplanes with a minimum of one crew member EXCEPT

A individual type rating on a high performance aircraft requires _____ hours experience on airplanes.

A high performance plane is one with a stall speed of greater than ___ KIAS and a Vne of greater than ___ KIAS.

Who can ask for your pilot documents?

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