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Another Podcast – The VOR

VOR stands for Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range. Why do we care? Like always, because we have an intense interest in how airplanes work, and the VOR is a great navigation aid. We also care because there will be a couple VOR questions on the test and they’ll be easy to get if you […]


Bush Pilot in Training Podacts -Altitude to Pressure Altitude to Density Altitude

In this episode I’m going to talk about how to work from altitude to pressure altitude to density altitude. We do this calculation in order to predict the airplane’s performance under different air pressure and temperature scenarios. Altitude is the difference in elevation between sea level and any given point on the earth. The airport […]


Bush Pilot in Training Podcast – Checklists

In this episode I’m going to deal with checklists rather than study notes for things that will be on the written exam. These are the checklists that I have to do while the aircraft is moving. The post-landing and pre-flight things I’m leaving out. Originally when I started I just followed the checklists, but Jason […]


Bush Pilot In Training Podcast – Episode #2 – Communications

Show notes: Communications In this episode I’m going to deal with communications First, Radio Frequencies There are three frequencies that need to be memorized : 121.5, 123.2, and 126.7 Use 121.5 for emergencies and military interception. If you’re calling out a Pan Pan or Mayday or if you need to contact ATSU when intercepted by […]