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Weather here has not been co-operative for my short cross country solos. It’s going on two weeks and I haven’t been able to combine free time with high enough ceilings to make it from Pitt Meadows to Chilliwack. Monday looked like a great opportunity, so I hit the school and did my flight plan. With […]


Checking the Airspeed Indicator For Leaks

My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor and pilot based in Vancouver, BC. I AM NOT A FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR AND I AM NOT OFFERING FLIGHT INSTRUCTION! I am sharing my study notes and other things I’ve learned while getting my education as a pilot. You’re welcome to make use of this information, but […]


My New GoPro!

I got a new GoPro Hero camera in the mail today. It’s charging up as I type. From what I can see, the mounts are pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’m going to depend on the suction cup to keep it on the plane at 110 MPH. I am, however, going flying tomorrow, and […]