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My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor and pilot based in Vancouver, BC. I AM NOT A FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR AND I AM NOT OFFERING FLIGHT INSTRUCTION! I am sharing my study notes and other things I’ve learned while getting my education as a pilot. You’re welcome to make use of this information, but […]


The Pitot Static System

These are my study notes on the Pitot-Static system. If they are helpful to you in studying to become a pilot please feel free to make use of them. If any part is confusing make sure you bring it up with your instructor, and feel free to drop me a line at rob@robchipman.net. The pitot […]


Some Tips For Successful Circuit Flying

Before we go too far, understand that I’m not in the position to tell anyone how to fly. I’m way too new at it and there are way better instructors out there. What I’m doing with these tips is sharing some stuff that made sense to me, as a new pilot, while learning from a […]


Bird Strike

I had a birdstrike on one of my first flights. I think what happened was that a small bird flew across the runway as I was taking off. It was probably sparrow sized, I never found it, but it left a dent in the landing gear fairing that looked like what you’d get if you […]


Transponder Failure

It was a beautiful day on the South Coast yesterday, and I was able to get into the circuit for a bit. Halfway through a funny thing happened. Tower asked me to recycle the transponder, telling me that I’d stopped showing up. (This isn’t as bad as it seems, because I was still on radar […]


Weight and Balance

Weight and balance is something critical to airplane flight. Weight is pretty obvious – if you’re too heavy you may not get off the ground, or if you do you may find that you exceed the structural capabilities of the aircraft once you start flying. Balance is equally important. The aircraft has a natural center […]


I Passed the PSTAR!

I wrote the PSTAR exam Tuesday night and passed. The PSTAR is the Pre-Solo Test of Aviation Regulations. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that there are 200 questions from which 50 are chosen. You need to get 90% to pass. I copied all 200 questions from the Transport Canada site and created […]


The PPL (Private Pilot License)

What’s it take to become a bush pilot? There are various answers, but there are some common ones, too. “Bush pilot” is not an exact term, and it isn’t a commercial rating. There are lots of bush pilots throughout the world who don’t even fly commercially. If a guy can land on a dirt logging […]