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Backcountry Strips – South Anahim Creek Airstrip and Wild Horses!

South Anahim Creek – Chilcotin Backcountry Airstrip A piece of property at Alex Graham Lake led me to inspect a Chilcotin backcountry airstrip around South Anahim Creek. The area we’re talking about is a little north of Alexis Creek in the Chilcotin. I have no idea why the strip was built, or by who, but […]


100 Mile House Airport and Uphill Tailwind Departures

100 Mile House Airport 100 Mile House airport is a good jumping off place for a lot of Chilcotin and Cariboo recreation. The airport is run by the 100 Mile House Flying Club. The club members appear very friendly (I met and chatted with their president, Ken, this past weekend). From their website: One of […]


Tsetzi Lake (Pan Phillips) Airport – Chilcotin Backcountry Airstrip

Pan Phillips was a cowboy who, with Rich Hobson, founded the Home Ranch. Tsetzi Lake, I believe, was the site of the Home Ranch, and boasts an grass strip. There is a resort there operated by Phillips’ son Robbie and his wife Linda. If you’re looking for a cool backcountry airstrip to fly to, here’s […]