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Basic Definitions and Terminology Pop Quiz

Basic Definitions and Terminology pop quiz:

Dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air

When the outside temperature and dewpoint are close

The volume of moisture that air can hold at a certain pressure is determined by

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit the numbers are

The "A" in "CAVOK" means

When ice changes directly to water vapor it is called

The Basic Definitions and Terminology pop quiz is part of the Meteorology section of the Private Pilot License Written Exam study notes.

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My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor and pilot based in Vancouver, BC. I AM NOT A FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR AND I AM NOT OFFERING FLIGHT INSTRUCTION! I am sharing my study notes and other things I’ve learned while getting my education as a pilot. You’re welcome to make use of this information, but do not treat it as expert advice.

Basic Definitions and Terminology deals with things like humidity (dewpoint, relative humidity) converting Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa, and terms like convection, advection, sublimation, deposition, isobars, isotachs and contour lines.

Convection is the vertical movement of air – air is heated, and it rises, leading to convection heating.

Advection is the horizontal movement of air. For example, air is heated from the ocean, and then blown across a landmass. This is advection heating.

Sublimation is when ice transforms directly into water vapor. If you see mist rising off of ice you are witnessing sublimation.

Deposition is when a gas changes directly to a solid without going through liquid phase (the reverse of sublimation).

Isobars are lines of constant pressure – remember “barometer”.

Isotachs are lines of constant wind speed – remember “tachometer”, which tracks the speed of engine revolutions.

Contour lines are lines that join points of constant air pressure by altitude.

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