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PPL Written Test Airspace Division and Classification Pop Quiz

If you are in controlled VFR (CVFR) in a low level airway above 12,500 feet you should squawk _______?

If you are in controlled VFR (CVFR) in a low level airway below 12,500 feet you should squawk _______?

You cannot fly below ________ altitude when you are within ________ of a forest fire.

When you are in the Standard Pressure Region and ready to take off from an aerodrome you should set your altimeter to:

You have just taken off from an aerodrome in the SPR. You need to re-set your altimeter. What do you re-set it to, and when do you do it?

You are flying in cruise flight from the Altimeter Setting Region into the Standard Pressure Region. You should change from the altimeter setting to the standard setting of 29.92 when?

If you plan on entering the ADIZ you need:

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