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Backcountry Strips – South Anahim Creek Airstrip and Wild Horses!

South Anahim Creek – Chilcotin Backcountry Airstrip

A piece of property at Alex Graham Lake led me to inspect a Chilcotin backcountry airstrip around South Anahim Creek. The area we’re talking about is a little north of Alexis Creek in the Chilcotin. I have no idea why the strip was built, or by who, but I wanted to see if it was a viable location for access to the lake. It is one of those backcountry strips that you can find on old maps and Google, but that not a lot of people seem to know about.

It’s not. First, it’s too far to walk from the strip to Alex Graham Lake. Second, the grass is pretty long and the strip is pretty short. What’s more, there is a lot of meadow in the area with shorter grass and longer rolls.


Here is a topo map of the immediate area:
chilcotin backcountry airstrip

Here is a big Google map of the strip and Alex Graham Lake:

View Larger Map

And here is a Google map of the strip itself:

View Larger Map

You can see the strip, the surrounding meadows, and in the lower right hand corner an old ranch building. You can drive to the strip, but it’s tough to find without a GPS. You could fly and camp there, however. Anahim Creek offers fresh water, there is plenty of firewood, lots of places to camp, and you can cross the creek on foot to get to the old ranch.

abandoned chilcotin ranch house

Why Go?

To be honest, there isn’t a lot to recommend this destination except the wild horses. It’s a nice place – all the Chilcotin is – but there is nothing extraordinary. However, the horses were cool, and if that’s their territory you could see them again. In fact, it would probably not be too hard to spot them from the air if you don’t spook them. These are wild horses, and they’re harder to approach than deer. They see you from a long way off and aren’t crazy about you getting too close.

chilcotin wild horses
chilcotin wild horses
chilcotin wild horses

The Strip

The grass on the strip is different from the native stuff, which is makes it easy to see. However, that part of the strip is probably only 1,000 feet long. There are a few big rocks to watch out for. If I knew it was dry I’d probably land in the meadow close just across the creek from the ranch house.

This is the strip looking north:
chilcotin backcountry airstrip

And this is looking south:
chilcotin backcountry airstrip

According to my GPS the coordinates are 52.11.426 123.09.337. Elevation is 3,759′, but I’m not sure how deadly my GPS is for elevation.

Backcountry strips

Bit by bit I’ll add to my list of backcountry strips. A backcountry strip is a trail head. You can get into remote areas faster, with less carbon footprint, and experience the great outdoors more efficiently. If you know of any good backcountry strips, let me know. Send me some info on them and I’ll see if I can post it here.

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