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Archive for February, 2011

GoPro Test Flight

I tested my new GoPro on Friday. It performed wonderfully. I used the suction cup mount and attached it to the side of my C-150. It stayed in place at speeds up to 100 mph, and it hung in through some pretty bumpy landings. I used a chunk of rope as a safety strap, and […]


My New GoPro!

I got a new GoPro Hero camera in the mail today. It’s charging up as I type. From what I can see, the mounts are pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’m going to depend on the suction cup to keep it on the plane at 110 MPH. I am, however, going flying tomorrow, and […]


Transponder Failure

It was a beautiful day on the South Coast yesterday, and I was able to get into the circuit for a bit. Halfway through a funny thing happened. Tower asked me to recycle the transponder, telling me that I’d stopped showing up. (This isn’t as bad as it seems, because I was still on radar […]


Weight and Balance

Weight and balance is something critical to airplane flight. Weight is pretty obvious – if you’re too heavy you may not get off the ground, or if you do you may find that you exceed the structural capabilities of the aircraft once you start flying. Balance is equally important. The aircraft has a natural center […]


Port Alberni Airfield

Port Alberni Airfield, better known as Alberni Valley Regional (CBS8), is the feild servicing Port Alberni/Sproat Lake, etc. Latitude is 49°19’19″N (49.321944) and longitude is 124°55’52″W (-124.931110). Airport elevation is 250 ft (76 m). It has 1 runway, 3952 × 75 ft (1205 × 23 m), and it is paved. There is avgas available. I […]


I Passed the PSTAR!

I wrote the PSTAR exam Tuesday night and passed. The PSTAR is the Pre-Solo Test of Aviation Regulations. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that there are 200 questions from which 50 are chosen. You need to get 90% to pass. I copied all 200 questions from the Transport Canada site and created […]


Tsetzi Lake (Pan Phillips) Airport – Chilcotin Backcountry Airstrip

Pan Phillips was a cowboy who, with Rich Hobson, founded the Home Ranch. Tsetzi Lake, I believe, was the site of the Home Ranch, and boasts an grass strip. There is a resort there operated by Phillips’ son Robbie and his wife Linda. If you’re looking for a cool backcountry airstrip to fly to, here’s […]


True North – The Book Review

I just finished re-reading True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane,written by George Erickson. I got it for Christmas 9 or 10 years ago, and enjoyed it the first time, but it was even better this time (is it because I’m flying now, or just because I’m older and wiser?) George flew a […]