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Bob Gannon and Flying Around the World

John Lovelace has a new show called “The Aviators” and on a recent episode they interviewed a fellow named Bob Gannon.

Bob got his pilot’s license in 1992, and soon after embarked on a round the world journey from San Diego flying east in a 1974 Cherokee. Unfortunately, Bob crashed in Kenya. Luckily, he survived!

Bob Gannon in Basra, Iraq

Bob in Basra, Iraq

8 years later he started over, but this time he began by flying west, to Hawaii, in a 1968 Cessna 182. He’s been around the world, for all intents and purposes. The Aviators found him in Brampton with only the states west of the Mississippi to still cover. You can check out some more pictures on his webpage. He’s also been written up on the AOPA pages.

Not exactly a bush pilot, perhaps, but I’m certain he’s needed some bush flying skills in his travels. One thing to note is that most of his landings have probably been at airports he’s never landed at before!

Flying around the world in a light aircraft is a big accomplishment, but there is a growing club of pilots who have successfully done it, and you can find them at Earth Rounders.com

2 Responses to “Bob Gannon and Flying Around the World”

  1. Hi Rob,

    I’m the Executive Producer of “The Aviators” and thought I’d provide you with the URL to the official website for the show. It’s…


    When I first met Bob Gannon in Florida I knew his story would make a great segment. It was a pleasure interviewing him when we shot the segment last summer.


    Anthony Nalli
    Executive Producer
    “The Aviators”

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks, Anthony! I enjoy the show. Good job!