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Bush Pilot In Training

Why Bush Pilot In Training?

Me and C-GWJC Bush Pilot in TrainingBush Pilot in Training, or B-PIT, is me, Rob Chipman. I’m a pilot who flies from CYPK, in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, and I’m training with Chris Georgas at Pacific Rim Aviation.

The point of this website is to share my learning experiences with and get feedback from other pilots. If you want to be a bush pilot I have good information for you here.

Do you want to get your Private Pilot License? It’s not easy, but it is worth it. Here’s how to do it.

Do you already have a PPL but want bush pilot specific training? This page has some good sources of bush pilot training.

Want to get a float rating? Here are floatplane training schools in BC.

Where Should You Start?

The B-PIT Blog is where all new posts turn up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quiz, information about a plane or an airfield or whatever, it usually appears first on the blog. If you’re not looking for anything in particular that’s a good place to start.

If you’re looking for PSTAR information, or PPL written test info, scroll down!

I also do podcasts, and for them you can flip to the blog or search Bush Pilot in Training on iTunes.

First solo approach Bush Pilot in Training

PSTAR Quizzes

One of the first projects I undertook was a study quiz for the PSTAR. It’s a simple online multiple choice quiz making use of the actual questions used in the real PSTAR. These question are available from Transport Canada (unlike the PPL test questions, which are not made public). You can find the PSTAR quizzes here. The questions on these quizzes are the actual questions that you’ll encounter on the PSTAR exam.

You need to pass the PSTAR before you’ll be able to solo, and this is an easy way to ensure that you pass the test the first time out.

learn to fly Bush Pilot in Training

Private Pilot License Written Exam

I’m in the process now of putting up some Private Pilot License written exam quizzes as well as my study notes for the exam. The quiz questions are ones I’ve made up, similar to those found in the study guides. The study notes are my actual prep notes to pass the written exam.

I found that it was pretty easy to learn the mechanics of flying. What slowed me down was passing the PPL written test. Based on my experience I recommend studying for the PPL from the very beginning of your training. Focussing on passing the PPL written test will:

  1. make the PSTAR a walk in the park;
  2. will be a more efficient use of your training time, and;
  3. will help you actually learn and understand more of the knowledge that you need to be a safe pilot.

You can skip right the the Private Pilot License written exam prep quizzes by clicking here
you can go to my study notes for the PPL right here.

Me and C-GWJC Bush Pilot in Training

Bush Planes

I like bush planes more than any other kind. That’s probably because I decided to learn to fly the day I hopped into a Beaver for a fly-in canoe trip down the Blackwater River. Beavers are great, but they’re expensive, so I keep looking for smaller, cheaper alternatives. You can look at what I’ve found out about them here.

Me and C-GWJC Bush Pilot in Training


These are places I’ve been or want to go to. If you have any places you’d like to talk about, contact me with the info and I’ll put it up.

Feel free to browse around, and leave me any feedback or ask any questions that you like.


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